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Woodfuel is a greener alternative to fossil fuels, we produce kiln dried logs using locally grown sustainable timber

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Burn Dry Wood

All of our logs being kiln dried boast very low moisture content levels. Air-dried wood fuel is wetter and can vary greatly throughout the year, especially when demand is high. All of our products are consistently dry, even in periods of high demand. Burning dry wood is crucial to achieve maximum heat output. You need less wood to provide the same amount of heat.

Cleaner System

Another great benefit of using our kiln dried wood is that it burns considerably cleaner. Your chimney will not fill with tar and the glass on the front of your stove will not blacken.

A Sustainable, Renewable Product

Switching to woodfuel is an environmentally sound decision. Woodfuel is totally sustainable as long as we replant in line with what we fell. We make sure all our timber is from renewable sources or thinnings from woodland management. Newly planted trees absorb CO2 as they grow - this is called carbon sequestration - capturing the CO2 released when we burn wood fuels.
Helping our ecosystems

High canopy, mature woodlands may look magestic, however they are not as 'healthy' as they look. The best woodlands for wildlife provide a wide variety of habitats which allow plants, animals and insects to successfully complete the various stages of their lifecycles. This is particularly important for our native butterfly populations. The natural forestry cycle of planting, thinning, felling and replanting provides the best conditions for a strong ecosystem with rich biodiversity.

Keeping it Local

Using woodfuel which is grown, produced and delivered locally really cuts down on air pollution. This greatly reduces the impact on the environment versus the use of gas, oil and coal which are transported great distances.

Learn more about our locally sourced wood.

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