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Proud to offer premium sustainable wood briquettes made from UK-grown willow. Our eco briquettes, also known as heat logs or fire bricks, are the perfect environmentally friendly fuel source for retailers looking to provide their customers with a reliable, carbon-neutral option for their wood stoves, fireplaces, barbecues, campfires, pizza ovens and more.
By stocking our willow wood briquettes, you’ll support British agriculture while offering your customers a high-quality eco-friendly product that is fully ‘Ready To Burn’ certified.


Our high-density eco briquettes are made from virgin wood fibres for a clean, efficient burn that produces significantly less ash compared to traditional fire logs.

Certified by Ready to Burn, willow wood briquettes from Eco Crops are designed to meet the highest standards and ensure a consistently high heat output with every burn.

Unlike many wood briquettes on the market which contain fillers and binders, our eco heat logs are made from 100% virgin wood fibre. This raw composition ensures a clean burn with no additives or chemicals, resulting in minimal smoke or fumes.


Store in a cool, dry place. If storing outside please keep in a well ventilated garage or log shed. If stored in the open please keep covered and protected from the rain.

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