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The lower the moisture content of your firewood the more efficiently it will burn. Freshly cut wood can have a moisture content as high as 67% of its total weight. Using this on your wood burning stove for example would require double the amount of logs than those with a lower moisture content. This is because more energy is required to displace the excess moisture in the wood.

Properly dried firewood that has a moisture content of 20% or lower will generate twice as much heat as equivalent pieces of wood.

Generally, softwoods have a higher green moisture content than hardwoods. Ash only has around 33% moisture content when felled - making it one of the best species for seasoning as it dries relatively quickly.

At Lakes Kiln Dried logs, we source our wood locally and can therefore offer a range of mostly hardwood logs. These are kiln dried at our base near Barrow-in-Furness to provide logs with a moisture content of 20% or less making them perfectly suited for wood burning stoves, log burners, chimineas and pizza ovens!

A quick test to check if your wood fuel is dry and ready to burn ...
Bang the logs together.

Do they made a hollow sound?  - They are dry and good to use.

Dull thud? - They are too wet to be efficient and burn cleanly.

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