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  • 05 September 2020

    New products avaliable!

    8” Logs? – No problem!

    We have seen an increase in demand for smaller logs. Our standard length of logs are 10” but we can chop smaller logs upon request. We can also cut longer logs for log boilers up to 500cm.

    Now stocking Oxbow Red Coal – 25kg bags

    We have had requests to supply coal and now have bags in stock. Oxbow Red is a premium grade of coal, its round in shape and is suitable for open fires and multi-fuel stoves. 25 kg bags are £10.50 per bag.

    Hardwood and Softwood Nets

    We supply netted bags of Kiln Dried firewood, perfect for campfires and chimineas. These are reasonably priced at £4.00 per net for Hardwood and £3.60 for Softwood. These are available for collection or we can deliver these for orders of 10 bags or more.


  • Looking forward to supporting Cumbria Woodland Festival 2017 held at Witherslack on March 18th

    FREE ENTRY and FREE PARKING great family day out

  • 26 October 2016


    Most firewood suppliers sell logs in dumpy bags, in crates or by the trailer load. So what is a dumpy bag?

    There are many different sizes of bags on the market which makes it confusing for the consumer to compare. We don’t sell on weight as the wood is kiln dried, instead we state the dimensions of the bag and when this is multiplied together it gives the cubic metre volume of wood.

    Our ‘Standard’ dumpy bags are what dumpy bag manufactures describe as an ‘industry standard sized bag’ the bags measure 85cm x 85cm x 85cm. This bag gives a total volume of 0.61 cubic metres of wood.

    Our ‘Large’ dumpy bags measure 90cm x 90cm x 100cm. This bag gives a total volume of 0.81 cubic metres of wood. We are open about the size of our bags and will never sell our bags as being around about a ‘cubic metre’.

    So if you are trying to compare pricing with other suppliers and are not sure what they are selling, ask for their bag dimensions and you’ll be able to compare like for like.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us

    All our kiln dried products are listed in our shop, Shop Now

  • Lakes kiln dried logs logo

    Lakes Biomass became part of the wood chip and pellet specialist Forest Fuels in January this year. Forest Fuels operates from a network of local depots, supplying local wood fuel to local customers. Their expansion into Cumbria was a natural next step, and the strength of the team, along with the added value services they are able to offer, have made a real difference to the wood chip customers in the area.

    Firewood logs is not part of what Forest Fuels do elsewhere, and after a period of review they have made the decision to transfer this part of the business to a local company in Dalton-in-Furness, Lakes Kiln Dried Logs.
    Nothing will change with the chip and pellet business. Forest Fuels will continue to develop and expand this part of the business in Cumbria, and have plans for more investment in equipment and infrastructure to help with this. Kim Brettle, who has been with the business in Cumbria for several years, remains with Forest Fuels and will be working closely with chip and pellet customers.

    Peter Solly, Forest Fuels Managing Director says “Firewood logs need a particular type of approach. As pellet and chip specialists, firewood logs don’t naturally fit with Forest Fuels and Lakes Kiln Dried Logs are well placed to take on this part of our business. They will be able to continue to supply good quality products and give great customer service. Gemma Johnson (nee Turrall) will move over with the business: she has been with Lakes Biomass Forest Fuels for several years, and this will provide a seamless transition for customers.

    “I’d delighted with this transfer, as it ensures our customers retain a good quality, secure supply of logs, and means that Gemma stays with the part of the business she enjoys the most.”
    Ryan Greaves the Managing Director of Lakes Kiln Dried Logs has said “It’s really important to me that the customers feel comfortable with the changeover, they shouldn’t notice any difference as Gemma will be processing orders and taking any enquiries. We’ll be producing the same kiln dried products which will be of the same quality, and level of service remains the same. The only difference will be a change of phone number, site and email address. I’m really looking forward to growing the business and building on the strong foundations which Lakes Biomass has built,”

    Lakes Kiln Dried Logs will be delivering orders as of today and the new phone number is active. Lakes Kiln Dried Logs will continue to have an online shop and the web developers are working behind the scenes changing the website over to reflect the new changes, so you can still look at our log products online at www.lakesbiomass.com whilst these changes are taking place.

    Lakes Kiln Dried Logs
    The Whinnels, Greystone Lane, LA15 0NF
    Tel: 01229 808 228

  • Will this give more value to UK timber?

    Confor has issued a detailed paper on the implications of Brexit for its members. The document is written by Martin Glynn FICFor, the full version is avaliable on the Confur website. Here are the key bits...

    Woodland Creation & Management
    EAFRD supports the creation and management of woodlands where this has an environmental or rural development benefit. New planting, the creation or improvement of habitats, restoration of forests following pest and disease incidents, reducing flood risks and improving access are amongst the eligible activities. The production of timber per se is not a supported activity but many of the eligible activities will indirectly result in this.

    Supply Chain and Timber Processing
    The forestry supply chain and small scale timber processing sector also benefits from support through EAFRD with grants for machinery, training, buildings, innovation and collaboration. The extent to which the sector benefits varies between nations and forestry rarely has a ‘ring-fenced’ budget for such activity, instead competing with agriculture and other rural industries for a share of the funding. The delivery mechanisms also vary between nations, with the exception of Leader which is an EU wide scheme, although the nature of Leader delivery is different in each nation.

    As the world’s third largest timber importer, the UK has traditionally played a significant role in the formulation of timber trade policies and been at the forefront in their implementation. Many of these focus on the sustainability of supply and originate from concerns regarding afforestation in the tropics. The EU published the Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Action Plan in 2003. The Action Plan sets out a range of measures available to the EU and its member states to tackle illegal logging in the world's forests, including the European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR). This was adopted in 2010 and came into force in 2013. The Timber and Timber Products (Placing on the Market) Regulation 2013 transposes the EU Timber Regulations into GB statute. The EUTR requires operators who place timber onto the market for the first time to exercise due diligence with regard to its origin and sustainability. In the UK the requirements of the EUTR are met largely through the Felling Licence system, reducing the burden for growers and operators. The EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) was transposed into the EEA Agreement in May 2015, so the UK would have to maintain the requirements of the EUTRif it became a member of the EFTA with access to the EEA. If the UK was outside of the EEA it would in theory be possible to remove the requirements although the terms of any trade agreement could still require it, as could UK government policy.

    Confur document

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  • Is your wood fuel dry?

    Here's a quick test. Bang the logs together.

    Hollow sound?

    They are dry and good to use.

    Dull thud?

    They are too wet to be efficient and burn cleanly.

    All of our logs are dried to a very low moisture content of below 20%.

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