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Here are 20 reasons the team at Lakes Biomass think you should try our kiln dried logs!

1. Kiln dried (also known as force-dried) logs burn hotter. Kiln drying removes moisture, meaning less energy is needed to burn off water in your fire so more energy converts to heat

2. In fact, up to twice as much heat can be generated from kiln dried logs with a moisture content below 20% compared to unseasoned logs at 50% plus moisture content

3. Because of this, burning kiln dried logs is much more efficient

4. So, fewer trees need to be cut down if we can get more energy out by kiln drying

5. Kiln dried logs have less water so they weigh less, making them easier to carry

6. They are also a lot cleaner. We grade all our logs to take out unwanted debris and bark which has a lower calorific value

7. Kilning also kills insects and eggs in the wood so they can be stored inside your home

8. Because they are clean and dry our logs look great and are good to display as a feature without bringing in lots of unwanted visitors…

9. They also ignite and burn easily so fire starting is not a chore

10. They are ready to burn as soon as they are delivered – no need to stack and season months ahead

11. They burn cleaner and hotter creating a beautiful fire

12. They don’t soot up the window of your wood burner

13. They burn with a bright flame and create a superb aromatic smell

14. They burn strongly and never smoulder like damp logs can. That means they don’t release tar and smoke

15. They are better for your fire – tar is corrosive and can damage flues and fires, leading to chimney fires

16. We have bag sizes to suit your storage and usage requirements and can deliver big bulk loads for commercial customers, campsites, holiday home groups and biomass log boilers

17. We offer attractive discounts when communities buy together!

18. Kiln dried logs are better for the environment – more energy is released for less wood used and fewer emissions are produced

19. Kiln dried logs are more carbon lean as they are more efficient than seasoned and fewer logs are needed for a good fire

20. They are really, truly local! All our hardwood has grown in Cumbria, not far from our yard. It’s processed in Cumbria, dried in Cumbria and delivered in Cumbria. It’s grown in Cumbria and stays in Cumbria until it keeps you warm this winter!

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