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Most firewood suppliers sell logs in dumpy bags, in crates or by the trailer load. So what is a dumpy bag?

There are many different sizes of bags on the market which makes it confusing for the consumer to compare. We don’t sell on weight as the wood is kiln dried, instead we state the dimensions of the bag and when this is multiplied together it gives the cubic metre volume of wood.

Our ‘Standard’ dumpy bags are what dumpy bag manufactures describe as an ‘industry standard sized bag’ the bags measure 85cm x 85cm x 85cm. This bag gives a total volume of 0.61 cubic metres of wood.

Our ‘Large’ dumpy bags measure 90cm x 90cm x 100cm. This bag gives a total volume of 0.81 cubic metres of wood. We are open about the size of our bags and will never sell our bags as being around about a ‘cubic metre’.

So if you are trying to compare pricing with other suppliers and are not sure what they are selling, ask for their bag dimensions and you’ll be able to compare like for like.

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