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This morning was a perfect time to be trail running through the sunny, if somewhat muddy woods of Cumbria. The wildlife was out in force; even with two dogs in tow I spotted a heron and a roe deer. The beech trees have strong fresh leaf growth and a faint smell of wild garlic was on the air.

A stunning show of bluebells reminded me that without people intervening in a positive and thoughtful way we would not have the landscape we enjoy on mornings like this. The woodland floor needs light in order for young growth to establish – whether it be bluebells and wild garlic, or young saplings. A monoculture of old trees is not a healthy woodland and is much more prone to disease.

So, a great reason for landowners to get in there and thin out weak, diseased and overcrowded trees. The growth in the biomass market means companies like ours creates a market for thinning’s and in turn makes woodland management pay. But this morning I was thinking mostly of how people can make the landscape we live in so beautiful – when our farming and forestry is done sensitively and sustainably.

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