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1. Save transport miles, all our hardwood logs come from timber grown in Cumbria

2. Reduce imported timber – no more shipping around the world

3. Grow local jobs harvesting and thinning in our woods, and replanting too

4. Increase the management of our local woodlands – helping landowners invest in creating a healthy, bio-diverse environment

5. Know that the logs you are buying are from sustainable and renewable sources – imports often aren’t

6. All our wood fuels are HETAS approved – quality assured and tested

7. We are on the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) so if you claim RHI on the fuel you burn you are securing your payments by purchasing from us

8. We work with local communities to deliver bulk discounts through our community buying schemes – saving transport miles and money

9. Managing woods makes better habitats – so by burning locally sourced logs our local woodlands are healthier and more disease resistant

10. Healthier local woodlands provide more and better quality habitats for insects, birds and small mammals

11. Opening up the woodland canopy by thinning lets more light to the woodland floor, encouraging flower growth, the establishment of new species of plants and the natural regeneration of trees

12. Natural regeneration means trees self seed – reducing the environmental impact of growing and transporting seedlings – a light touch to woodland improvement

13. Providing logs locally and delivering locally creates jobs for local people and boosts our economy

14. By reducing imports of timber we reduce the potential for introduction of new diseases, protecting our own woodlands and forests

15. By building a strong local supply chain for renewable fuel we improve our fuel security. This is not just from World or European political and supply issues but local challenges too, such as strikes, petrol shortages and winter weather which can all impact coal, oil and gas supply

16. Being local, our business grows and succeeds through word of mouth and our reputation. Quality and service mean everything to us, so we need to keep our standards high, all the time

17. We’re local too – and that local knowledge helps us offer a better service – we know where the remote villages are, we know the narrow drives that need a small van, we know the small log stores that require one of our standard bags

18. By keeping supply, production and delivery local we minimise our carbon footprint, maximising the carbon savings from the fuel you buy

19. You can collect from our Barrow yard. A convenient way of picking up the smaller things like kindling and our eco-friendly firelighters

20. The immediate harvesting of timber creates additional jobs in nurseries and planting, haulage and associated services from vehicle maintenance to online agencies – stimulating our local economy to create more jobs

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