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Generally speaking, hardwood comes from deciduous, or broadleaved trees (trees that lose their leaves in winter). Softwood comes from conifers or evergreen trees (those with needle-like leaves that don't lose their leaves in winter).

Hardwood trees have a different internal structure to softwoods which gives them more inherent strength, however, there is actually a huge variation in the density of different softwoods and hardwoods making some softwoods heavier than some hardwoods!

Generally, kiln dried hardwood logs make for better firewood as they spit less and burn for a long time. The best time to add them is when your fire is established as they will sustain the burn.

Our ready to burn, softwood kiln dried logs are perfect for building a fire and getting it going quickly. If you have a multi-fuel or wood burning stove you can expect to get more burn time from your seasoned wood as newer stoves are more energy efficient. Softwood does offer cost saving compared to hardwood and, as it burns quicker you get the novelty of adding logs frequently to your fire.

Types of hardwoods include: oak, ash, elm, poplar, birch and maple.
Softwood examples are: pine spruce, cedar, larch, cypress and yew.

At Lakes Kiln Dried logs we offer both kiln dried softwood logs and kiln dried hardwood logs. 

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