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The summer months were historically the time when humans stocked up on firewood for the coming winter. If you are stacking your logs or filling your fuel bunkers we have some simple tips to ensure your wood fuel is in good condition when the chill starts again.

1. Keep it dry. Make sure your logs are kept out of the rain – not just the top but sides too where the wind blows in. Use a tarp to cover the top and down the sides, but not the whole pile or it will go mouldy.

2. Keep it aired. Logs are best stored with a good airflow to avoid mould growth. If stacking against a wall, leave a gap between the wall and the stack.

3. Keep it tidy. If you’re making a log stack start with a good level base, and go no higher then 4 foot to avoid it falling over.

4. Keep pellets under cover. Even a small amount of water finding it’s way into a bag of pellets can turn the whole lot into sawdust.

5. Keep wood chip dry. Buy it dry and keep it dry – damp wood chip starts to compost and can get dangerously hot leading to spontaneous combustion.

6. Keep it clean! Stones and foreign objects can damage stoves.

7. Keep heat logs completely dry. Compressed sawdust heat logs are often packed in cardboard – the slightest dampness and you will find the logs turn into a lot of sawdust, so keep these products really dry, even a damp floor can ruin them.

8. Keep logs in the bag. Our kiln dried logs are already below 20% moisture content so there is no need for further seasoning. They won’t go mouldy either so you can keep them in the dumpy bags we deliver in. Our lids are shower proof for protection during delivery but for storage move the bag indoors to keep the weather out.

9. Keep it pest free. Watch out for any signs of your store or stack becoming a home for unwanted pests. Spraying with pet and environmentally friendly pesticides are a good idea to keep insects at bay.

10. Keep on top of maintenance. Wood chip and pellet bunkers need regular checks to make sure they are in good condition. Stray bits of bunker walls, floors and roofs, or worst still metal cladding, struts and bolts, don’t make for happy ogres and well running boilers. Check around when the fuel level is low and repair any worn or loose flooring, roofing and walling.

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