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Where to buy kiln dried logs

Buy locally! Kiln dried logs are a great source of local, sustainable fuel. Using logs that have been grown and produced locally really cuts down on transportation costs. This greatly reduces the impact on the environment in comparison to gas, oil, and coal which are usually transported great distances.

At Lakes Kiln Dried Logs we work in partnership with Greaves Tree Services, professional tree surgeons who manage woodland in the local area. We, therefore, know where all our wood comes from and can choose the highest quality of wood to kiln dry ready for our logs.

You can’t get more local than that!

It takes around eight days from felling a tree, to go through the kiln dried lumber process before we have a full dumpy bag ready to deliver. Working in partnership this way ensures we have a steady supply of wood all year round, offering a more cost-effective solution than suppliers who transport from other areas of the country or import from overseas.

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